5 Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing Next Year (That You Can Buy Now)

5 Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing Next Year (That You Can Buy Now)

Fashion Week is great and all, but we have to admit it’s a little annoying that we have to wait a whole season to snap up our favorite looks. Luckily, a handful of designers have adopted the see-now-buy-now model—meaning you can get your hands on these pieces right this minute.

Fun Stripes

We love a good stripe, and next season’s incarnation is far from boring, with mix-and-match colors and widths.

Unexpected Ruffles

Feminine frills are always a spring classic, but we love the drama they add to a long-sleeve top. Pair it with the season’s “it” material—velvet—and you’ve got the perfect fall outfit.

Crossbody Bags

The practical, hands-free accessory is back, and worn high on the hip, it feels chicer than ever. We’re loving the ’70s vibes an embroidered strap adds to an otherwise modern shape.

One-Shoulder Silhouettes

If 2016 was the year of the cold shoulder, we’re calling 2017 as its asymmetrical cousin’s turn in the spotlight.

Super-Wide Pants

Think of these as culottes’ bigger, badder sister. Just be sure to pair them with a fitted top (a bodysuit, even) to offset all that volume.